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Don Maslow Coffee

Don Maslow Coffee, an e-commerce coffee retailer with a mission to transform the coffee industry towards a socio-economically inclusive business model, has announced its commitment to a fair and sustainable framework for every part of its supply chain. Their three goals are set to ensure its coffee suppliers can receive a living income and alleviate both the coffee industry’s social and environmental factors. So, the goals are to share great coffee with the world, Preserve the rainforest, and Fuel entrepreneurs.

Don Maslow Coffee Process

The world is changing around us rapidly, and we want to embrace that change positively and constructively. For this reason, buying Don Maslow Coffee will affect the world in these four ways. 

1. A response to Climate Change

Most scientists agree that climate change is driven by human made factors and is already impacting the environment. Major consumer demands have incentivised   coffee producers to farm intensively to increase yields and meet that demand, often at the severe cost of local bio-diversity, due to the deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitats.Simply put, buying Don Maslow Coffee is a way to promote planet saving initiatives with benefits for everyone to enjoy.

2. A contribution to Sustainable Development

Don Maslow Coffee uses PURE Labels for our labels.Our packaging is made by Elevate Packaging. Elevate Packaging is a pioneer and leader in sustainable packaging. It invests in research and development to lead the industry in bringing sustainable packaging to the next level.Elevate Packaging’s commitment to this mission means that we can provide our customers with top quality coffee packaged in fully compostable pouches. 

3. Empowering society's bedrock

Empowering society to meet its needs is at the heart of Don Maslow Coffee, which was named for Abraham Maslow, the pioneer of the famous ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ pyramid. We took the active decision to partner with organizations looking to promote the  empowerment of women and young business. From coffee grower to our warehousing and fulfilment centre, every stage of our supply chain meets this aspiration.

4. Investing in the future

Don Maslow Coffee accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for its products. We decided to accept cryptocurrency as our commitment to having a long-term stake in how goods and services are transacted in the future.Blockchain technology is being adopted across the world at an exponential rate. The many applications of this new technology are still a long way from being clear to us.

Don Maslow Coffee

Art Direction & Campaign

Since its inception, Don Maslow Coffee has transformed the coffee industry by switching to a Shopify business model. This move has allowed the company to grow rapidly and to scale its operations. Additionally, it has helped the company to be more sustainable and to reduce its environmental impact.

The main goal of Don Maslow Coffee is to address the global problem of coffee and rainforest destruction. Vanessa Hernandez and Rushu Das find several ways to do this, including working with farmers to grow coffee more sustainably, developing initiatives to restore rainforests, increasing public awareness of the issue, and supporting sustainable coffee brands to advocate for better environmental regulations.

To promote awareness and global branding, the Shopify store is a fast and responsive solution for growing its customer base worldwide. We as a Shopify expert having experience in Shopify custom design & development developed a Shopify store for them that was SEO optimized, Mobile devices optimized, and allowed us to scale their business quickly and efficiently.

To address the above problem, they wanted to own a business that give more public awareness and enhance their business to get more revenue out of it. Don Maslow Coffee needed to have a platform to solve a global problem, find new ways out to help communities in one of our home countries, and allow to discover their job which allowed them to learn new skills, take risks, have autonomy, and a sense of purpose.

Don Maslow Coffee Shopify store has achieved a new level in its online presence and built a profitable & sustainable Shopify store. There is no doubt that the greatest achievement is the growing number of customers and enlightening social awareness.  This online store increases conversion rate by 15%, revenue by 26%, and average session engagement by 91%.


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