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The ecommerce industry is full of ambitious companies building some extra ordinary tools the allow merchants to do more with their Shopify stores. We select the best of the best to collaborate closely with, in order to truly maximize the potent al of our clients’ stores. From subscriptions to marketing or customer support, our partners truly make the most of what Shopify platform can do.

Seeing all those sales from everywhere and anywhere is a great feeling, however amnaging tax compliance isn’t quite as exciting. Avalara automates the compliance process, including sales. state, CAT, and more.

Bold provides innovative ecommerce tools to more than 90,000 brands around the world. They have a suite of apps for merchants ranging from product recommendations to bundles to upselling that allow you to truly own your store experience.

Designed to scale, Bright pearl gives fast-growing brands a complete retail operations platform so you can better manage your store and get back to growing your business. They take care of everything after the buy button, from order processing to inventory, to returns and more. Bright pearl also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other tools in your tech stack, and comes with a suite if powerful automations to boost your store’s efficiency, and deliver a better customer expericence.

Empower your entire team to be part of the creation and optimization process for your store with Builder. Their simple to use drags-and-drop visual editors makes it easy for anyone on your team to be part of the page building process, regardless of coding experience. Your development team can also make use of their dev tools to determine what can be built and how, allowing your whole team to deliver content faster, smarter , and in a more collaborative way.

Customer support is one of the most important factors in building loyalty, and delivering a first-class customer experience. Gorgias is an-in-one customer support platform with some of the best tools on the market to deliver a truly personalized, engaging, and high quality support experiecnce. With a wide range of automations , chatbots, Al functionality, and more, you can give your cusomers exactly what they want without impacting your team.

Capture your customers’ attention and improve your CRO faster with Justun’s advanced pop-ups. Whether it’s gamifying your pop-ups to excite visitors, engaging customers with personalization, or using segmentation tools to optimize your pop-up strategy, Justun’s platform makes it easy and fast. Scale your mail and SMS collection using their suite of tools including those designed to help with GDPR and cookies.

Looking to step up your email and SMS marketing? Kaviyo’s powerful marketing platform makes it easy for any merchant of any size to create and manage a scalable email and SMS strategy that makes the most of your Shopify store data with the ability to integrate hundreds of other ecommerce tools. Klaviyo comes with free and flexible payment options, a wide range of out-of -the-box automations ready ro use srraight away , and best -in-class segmentation and personalization tools.

Quickly deliver dynamic. engaging shopping experiences using Nosto’s Al-powered commerce experience platform. Designed for ease-of -use, merchants can use Nosto to build, launch, and optimize inductances experiences without the need for developer resources or lengthy implementation. Grow faster and smarter wih a suite of data-fueled personalization and merchandising tools.

Looking for a lightning fast headless storefront, but want to keep all your favorite tools? Nacelle’s composable platform ties together merchant data, empowering them to create their perfect tech stack while making the making the most of empowering them to create their perfect tech stack while making the most of what headless commerce has to offer. Deliver a faster, better experience for your customers, and improve your conversion rate with a platform designed to fit each merchant’s unique needs.

Nurturing your most valuable customers and incentivizing new ones is an important part of retention strategy in ecommerce. What better way to boost retention than offering up some perks and rewards just for ordering? LoyaltyLion gives merchants the ability to design and manage a loyalty program perfectly tailored to their store and customers to drive retention and boost customer satisfaction.

Subscriptions are everywhere, and have fast become a normal part of everyday life for people around the world. Recharge puts the power of subscriptions and recurring payments in your hands. With super quick set-up and variety of integrations, you can take advantage of one of the fastest growing areas of ecommerce , increase your store’s AOV, and deliver a better customer experience.

Powerful and scalable, Shopify’s enterprise level platform is designed for high-growth businesses looking for the perfect partner to realize their ambitions. With exclusive integrations, deeper customization, and international growth support, it’s no wonder that it’s the platform of choice for some of the world’s biggest DTC bands like Kylie Cosmetics, All birds, and Gym shark. 

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The team at The Epixels Agency demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic. We partnered with them to help design, develop, and transition our site to Shopify and had an amazing experience.

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