Target Facebook audience to grow  your business

Since when Facebook is linked with google as a highly advertising platform, Facebook ads are viral and more in demand. Every big or small business jumps to this platform to rapidly grow its brand awareness across the world. For instance, if you plan to grow Shopify Store, there can be no better strategy than the Shopify Facebook ad strategy.

When it comes to targeting a specific Audience for some business purposes, the Facebook audience always remains the best option. After all, it’s still the biggest social media platform with 2.9 billion active users worldwide. It’s necessary to consider that although you have your online business on any platform or website, or you have even your online Shopify Store, because of the increasing demand for online business, it is now very tough to grow any brand without proper strategy or planning. If you want to go without that planning, you may try; but it will all end in vain.

A general estimation shows that a single regular FB user clicks and checks almost 12 ads in a month. There are around 3 billion users, with 37% youth, which is the highest number of any other social media network. This is the highest number of per month clicks than any other social media network; imagine 12 ads by multiplying them by 3 billion.

So, using the Shopify Facebook ad strategy, you can take your business to the next level in shorter time duration. If you are looking for the answer to how it will be possible, this article is for you. Stay with us for the next 5 minutes; we will be sharing with you the 5 Best All-Time Mind Blowing Facebook ad Strategies to reach your target Facebook audience and drive online sales. These 5 strategies are a highly effective medium to use.

5 All-Time Best  Mind Blowing Facebook ad Strategies

1. How to target a specific Audience

Facebook offers you some robust targeting options for sale promotions. These options are highly effective if you have less number of existing customers and want to enhance them quickly. There are specific criteria in this regard that the Facebook feature lets you gain your benefit. There are 5 options in this feature that you can focus on.

Location: This feature of location lets you target different places ranging from cities, provinces, states, countries, specific communities, and zip codes.

Demographics: In this option specific community is targeted based on gender, job, language, education, relationship status, etc.

Hobbies or Interests: The interesting strategy targets the community with their favorite pastime (hobbies) and things of their interests.

Behavior or Attitude: This feature is exciting, in which Facebook targets the audience based on their general attitude toward digital behavior all the time they make dealing, converse with others, and general post comments. It includes their purchase behavior, device network speed, and digital behavior.

Links or Connections: This option lets you dictate which should be your target audience. They can be people already linked and attached to your account. They can be groups or pages aware of your brand, or you want to boost it to an overall community familiar or unfamiliar with your brand.

There are other features to target your customers like life events, weather, etc. Our UAE-based FB add firm fully assists you in applying all of our skilled strategies to grow your brand as early as possible.

2. Hooking the Repeatedly Visited Audience

Repeatedly visited customers are those who frequently visit your page and are already engaged and attached to it, and they are, somehow, aware of your brand. They are indeed signed up for emails and may have purchased something using that mail. Their data is saved on Facebook somehow or the other way.

Facebook makes a comparison of the data provided by customers. After authentication, you are allowed to create your group. That’s where targeting specific audiences through Shopify Facebook ad Strategy mainly starts. There are different methods for targeting the custom audience; you can use the following four.

3. Four Kinds of Custom Audience:

Website Audience: Website customers mean those who have visited your Facebook page. Engage the audience and move them to your specific website.

App Audience: In this category come those who have clicked and visited your mobile application wandering through your FB page. They can be the best option for your specific Shopify Facebook Ad Strategy.

Customer list audience: In this category, a specific method is used in which you penetrate the list of customers into FB; it automatically generates a group by matching the data of users.

Engagement Audiences: This is similar to the first technique in which you target those people who are already engaged with your FB id, page, and posts and have clicked on different videos or ads. This is another best choice for your Shopify Facebook Ads Strategies.

4. Targeting the LookAlike Audience To Expand Your Brand

Lookalike customers have the same characteristics as your existing users whom you’are already targeting. Because they share the same qualities and taste, your ad will also target them based on the same taste and characteristics.

These lookalike audiences can significantly benefit your Shopify Facebook Ad Strategy because they have many things in common with your target audience. You are well aware of what they want, like, and which activities they perform. So, your single ad, which you launched to your existing audience, also can target your lookalike audience.

This method of targeting the lookalike audience is very beneficial and quick to acquire the desired result from your Facebook Ads Strategy. As you already understand the preference of these groups, you will be using an effective and proven track to introduce your brand.

Another important thing is using a scale to limit your lookalike audience. You can keep the scale very similar to the target audience or expand it to a large number of customers but less similar. Facebook lets you target Five Hundred lookalike customers. So, you have a great chance to grow your brand using the Lookalike audience strategy.

5. Retargeting the Former Visitors To Your Facebook Page

Retargeting the former visitors is another strategy that can be very favorable to expanding your brand. Your launched ads will also target that audience recently been attached to your FB or Instagram pages or groups. Using the strategy, you can easily nourish your relationship started previously. They can be targeted based on the action they have recently taken, clicking the ads, visiting the specific page, making a purchase, or liking and commenting.

Which Kind People Fall in the Category of Retargeting Audience

Many options fall into this category like:

Already engaged your FB page

Frequently wandered your website

Visited mobile application

Added product on the cart

Checked the specific page for certain reasons

Started checkout

Spent particular time scrolling your page

These are the people who can be easily targeted for selling your specific products.

Checking Out the Competition after Launching the Shopify Facebook ad Strategy

Once you have applied the specific FB Advertisement Strategy, you need to check the action performed by your ad, keeping in view the competitor’s ads performing the same tasks. Facebook introduced the Facebook Ad Library tool that helps you know the performance of ads run in the past.

Facebook Ad Library or Meta Ad Library

A user can easily search for an ad using a specific keyword. He also has options of filtering the specific keywords by location. You also need to be aware of the direct and indirect ads run by your competitors by paying extra attention so that you may apply your ad with certain variations.

Shopify Facebook ad Strategies FAQ:

Why should I use Facebook ads?

If you want to expand your brand, the Facebook ad is the best option for you to target a specific audience. FB ads are more friendly and effective than Google ads.

What strategy is best to use?

Any of the Five strategies discussed above can be used to target a specific audience.

What ads are the most effective?

Those ads are most effective that can target your audience directly, constantly improve performance, and integrate the extensive marketing strategy.

What makes a good Facebook ad currently?

A good and effective ad currently is optimized for various devices a d targeted to its audience.

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