Shopify Payment gateways

With ever-increasing technology, e-commerce has become one of the chief features of human life. It has become part and parcel of the retail industry. Online selling and purchasing are now more in use, which has dramatically facilitated both buyers and sellers. Shopify Payment Gateways played a significant role in this regard.

There is always a need for a tool to help buyers pay, and merchants receive money to continue the work seamlessly. For this purpose, electronic gateways have been designed to help people deal with the payment method by clicking the button. With these payment gateways, the obstacle has been removed, and sellers can effortlessly receive payments, and buyers can pay for their purchased products from their mobile and PC without any hitch or hurdle. We offer the best Shopify Payment Gateways in UAE to make your money transition easy and quick.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a platform of transaction process which lets the e-commerce traders make their payment dealing online. Therefore, it’s called a gateway which means a medium to facilitate payment between the shoppers and sellers. These gateways are necessary for your e-commerce trading because amounts cannot be exchanged without them.

How payment gateways work

1. Permission or Authorization
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The first step is authorization which means any online payment through credit or any other card first receives permission from the issuers. Then the payment gateway testifies the validity of the card. Once the card validation is secured, a secure link is created between the shopper and the process issuer. This method is very easy and quick that seamlessly proceeds the whole process.

2. Agreement or Settling

After the permission process is done, the payment gateway integrates the transaction, and after that, the payment gets access to your bank account. This procedure of sending money is called agreement or settling. This is the point where you get ready to receive your money into your bank account within 2 or 3 days or more. The days’ duration depends on your chosen gateway.

3. Receipt or Reporting

Once the payment reaches your bank account, the transaction information is automatically recorded back into the payment gateway. You can view, download, and print the billing report and save them into your gallery.

Other Advantages

Useable for Multiple Users

The chief benefit of an internet payment gateway is that it lets multiple users proceed with their transactions simultaneously without creating any obstacles.

Fraud or Hacking Screening Tools

As discussed above, these tools make the authorization first and then let the payment method be done. Moreover, there are also other options like detecting fraud using which you can minimize the fraus risk while transacting. Address Verification (AVS) and Card Code Value (CCV) help in this regard. So, using Shopify Payment Gateways can reduce the risk of fraud or hacking and offers you a completely reliable service.

Different Ways to accept Shopify Payment Gateways in UAE

To support your sale, Shopify has compromised with top international payment suppliers. In this way, customers can choose their preferred method and pay in their local or native currency. We will help you run through all these gateways payment tools using which you can establish and grow your brand or business.

Available payment providers:

2Checkout Convert Plus (by Verifone)

All popular payment methods | Paysera

Amazon Payment Services

Atome – 3 easy payments, 0% interest


By dLocal: Cartões locais, transferências bancárias e Boleto

By dLocal: Local cards, Bank Transfers and Cash Payments

By dLocal: Tarjetas locales, Transferencias Bancarias y Pagos en Efectivo

Coinbase Commerce Crypto Payments

Credit Card Payments Powered by PayTabs


iPay88 Malaysia




PayPal Express Checkout



Stripe, preferred partner



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